Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Busy in the kitchen --

Johann and I have been busy trying to fulfill our kitchen dreams -- trying to cook up our versions of favorite restaurant dishes

Last week, we decided to go for it --

I started out with Eggplant Parmesan, which is one of my favorites at Sbarro's -- I knew the basics: eggplants, tomatoes and cheese -- but I never thought to try cooking it until I spotted lovely eggplants being sold at Iloilo Supermart-Atrium.  They had these amazing "Black Beauty" eggplants from Baguio and I bought a couple.



The eggplants turned out really well and even our helpers enjoyed it.  (They suffer try out all the food experiments that I do.) --

Inspired by my success, Johann decided it was time for us (read: me -- with supervision from him) to make French Onion soup.

We didn't have white wine or sherry, which all recipes call for so we went with the basic ingredients: onions and a mix of chicken and beef broth.

We topped it with store-bought garlic bread (baguette) from Tinapayan and drowned the whole thing in mozzarella --



It was really, really yummy!  We made it twice the same day!

Next on my list is carrot cake.  I just want to make carrot cake so I can make a double batch of cream cheese frosting and eat that. =^_^=

Now, to get the mixer, the cake pan, and the rest of the things I need to bake the cake.

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