Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Book buying --

It amuses my friends that I read romance novels almost full time.

Yesterday, I surprised one of them by actually going to National Bookstore and buying a *gasp!* non-romance novel title --

I've been curious about Stieg Larsson's series and, with my National Bookstore discount card, I was able to purchase the first book in the series cheaply.

It's going to be my airport reading later -- and I'm wondering if I should cover the book up in my lovely Ouran High School Host Club book cover or display it proudly to the world.

In romance novel news, I just finished 2 books from Patricia Rice's Magic series (Malcolm Women + Ives Men):  Merely Magic and The Trouble with Magic.  I have the last book in the series waiting for me in Iloilo.

I'm glad she has a new book slated for release this coming July.

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