Monday, June 28, 2010

Sort of back --

When your child gets sick and you are stuck in the hospital for days on end, life changes somewhat --

Your entire being is focused on one space -- and on one tiny little being in the process of recovering.

And even when you get out of the hospital, one forgets to breathe during the countless days of watching and waiting for things to either get better or to get worse.

I'd like to think that we're over that obstacle/gigantic mountain/impenetrable fog and now we are moving on --

And I am always and eternally thankful for the people I have around me -- for my husband who knows that I need to go out and have time for myself, for my sister who knows that helping me with my books is helping me with my life, for my children who know that silly dancing can improve everyone's mood, and for friends near and far who touch base now and then.

* * *

Cute site --

Thanks, C, for sharing this --

Hot Guys Reading Books

I discovered a new words, thanks to the site -- adorkable -- =^_^=

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