Friday, August 06, 2010

Lava Cake!!! --

It's a gloomy day here in Iloilo --

Thought it would be a perfect day to try to make Lava Cakes.  (Perfect for me -- poor helpers, though.  They have to clean up after me.  And it's raining.)

I used the recipe I found on Shine because it seemed like the most straightforward Lava Cake recipe I've encountered.

I started this morning by making the chocolate balls that will become the lava center --

Finished making the cake after lunch.


The recipe said it would take 13 minutes to cook.  We set the timer to 10 minutes and I asked one of our helpers to check on it.  I was surprised/worried when she called on the intercom a few minutes later to say that the timer had gone off but the cakes looked raw.  I rushed down stairs and took a look.

They were, thankfully, fine.


Only problem was that the chocolate balls were too big so a bit of the "lava" is peeking out from the top.

They're cooling right now so I'll take more pictures later when we actually eat them.

* * *

Apparently, it's already "later" --

Johann and my sister couldn't wait any longer and ate two of the lava cakes.  (Gave 1 to the helpers so they could have a taste.)


It's yummy -- I mixed dark and milk chocolate.  I'm not sure if it's gooey enough, though.  I wonder where I went wrong...


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