Thursday, September 08, 2011

Zombadings! --

Johann and I watched it last week and loved it.

Johann bought a Zombadings t-shirt for himself and one for Karl.  (We actually got the shirts before watching the movie.)

Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington is not a zombie movie --

It actually isn't about zombies -- there are zombies but they don't come until much later in the film.

Remington, about to turn 21, has no prospects or plans for himself or his future.  His mother is worried and asks him to reconsider his aunt's offer of an education in Manila --

But Remington refuses -- afraid of everything he's heard about the "big city" --

He undergoes a transformation -- one he resists, in the beginning -- but it allows him to see life from the point of view of people he had teased when he was growing up.

The film is about misconceptions and how we ultimately come to the truth.

It's a quirky coming-of-age film where a young man finds himself by losing himself first.  Yes, this film has a happy ending.  (Yes, even the zombies get a happy ending.)

The cast was brilliant -- Mart Escudero was amazing as Remington.  Ably and credibly playing both sides of his character.  (He's cute, ha!)   

I love that Eugene Domingo was in this film and I wish they had done more with her role.  Every time she came on screen, I was expecting her to do her usual magic (which she did) -- but I wish she did more.

Congrats to Jade Castro (Johann knew him from college!) and his crew for the amazing and well-deserved success of Zombadings!

... will there be a part 2? ^_^

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