Thursday, October 06, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs --

Yesterday, I woke up excited to check the news for the latest iPhone.  (I am planning to get one when it is released in the Philippines.  It will be my first iPhone ... and the 3rd one in our family.)

Today, I woke up to a shock -- Steve Jobs has died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Growing up in Iloilo, I would read about Apple computers in the magazines my uncle would send us from the US.  One of my earliest dreams was to own a Mac.  Even then, I saw the playfulness of the Apple design and gravitated towards it.

I didn't realize this dream until over 6 years ago -- when G and A came to Iloilo for a visit and I experienced the beauty of the Mac for the first time.  (My first iDevice was a first-gen iPod shuffle and Johann's was a Nano.)

We have not looked back since -- I am proud to say we are an iFamily -- and one of the earliest words my son and daughter said was "Apple" -- and, no, this is not because we eat the fruit in bountiful amounts.  (We do, btw -- maybe one a day.)

Steve Jobs was an exciting person -- and a visionary.  I think he and his company have challenged our perception of technology -- that it can be uncomplicated and accessible.  That it can be safe and a true companion for daily life.

There is an effortlessness to handling an Apple product that I have not experienced with any other tech device.

Thank you, Steve Jobs.  Thank you, Apple.

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