Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rakenrol: A Love Letter to Original Pinoy Music --

I've been trying to write about the movie since I saw it last September --

I really enjoyed the movie.  I loved Quark's romantic view of Pinoy rock and roll.  I loved that he chose to focus on the music of the 90s and early noughties --

Rakenrol reminds us that we are a gifted and passionately creative people -- Odie and Irene is everyman and everywoman -- all it took was a spark, a playful suggestion: "Gawa tayo ng banda." -- and the greatest adventure of their lives began.

And we take that adventure with them -- from their early, tentative start up to the point when they actualize their dream in the form of a demo.

I think the movie is also very timely -- if you take a look at the Pinoy music industry, there is very little original material being released and a lot of the popular tunes that are being played on radio right now are remakes of early Filipino hits or of current Western titles.

Rakenrol, by showcasing songs from Pinoy bands like Eraserheads, etc -- reminds us of the rich pool of talent and creativity that already exists in the country.

For Johann and I, it was a walk down memory lane (yes, yes -- cliche but true) -- pointing out people we know who made cameos in the movie -- people who used to visit CCHQ, and people from Johann's and my university --

It was a wonderful journey into the past -- but also a wonderful glimpse of the future of Pinoy artistry -- that it's out there, waiting to be discovered.

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