Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 Resolutions --

I'm starting the year sick -- and yaya-less. Which is a sad combination. But I am managing.

I'm also starting the year with a slight addiction to those 20-peso scratch cards that are being sold by the Lotto stand. O_o

Here are my resolutions for the year.  (In order of difficulty.)
1.  Read More.
2.  Craft.  (I should, at least, make myself a book cover.)
3.  Lose Weight.  (I want to lose 30 pounds!)
4.  Find Grace. <-- not a person O_O

I was very happy to have achieved the reading bit for 2010.  I read a total of 129 books.  (123 romance novels and the rest are not.)  So I will continue to read and chronicle my thoughts about the books that I have read.

I have enjoyed reflecting on the following:
Rev. James Martin, S.J.'s 12 Really Stupid Things to Never Do Again (Thanks to Eric for the link!)
Linda Vernon's Rules to Live By (Thanks to Facebook.)
Neil Gaiman's My New Year Wish

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