Friday, March 23, 2012

Catching up on Reverb 11: December 24 --

December 24: Learning experience. What was a lesson you learned this year that changed you? I am slowly still learning the lesson that every day is not the end of the world -- and that every mistake does not lead to catastrophic consequences. The past six months, I have experienced loss -- more loss than I have known my entire life. And, these losses have had a devastating effect on me -- With each one, I felt the ending of one world -- but I felt the beginning of another one. I try to weather through each one -- but, I have become afraid of the day-to-day goings of life. But I am forcing myself to believe that there is something better that will happen soon. I am forcing myself to be optimistic and to stay focused. So, when something happens: when Seth comes home and the yaya tells me his teacher said he was misbehaving; when Anya picks up a french fry from the floor and puts it in her mouth; when I forget to pay for something and it was due a week ago -- I remind myself that it is not the end of the world. (The other lesson, I got from Downton: It will be better in the morning. ^_^)

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