Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Rain, Rain --

Woke up, heard the rain and decided to call Ateneo to find out if we had classes --

At 730am, the announcement was that only classes in the GS were suspended. I thought this was odd because my bro texted me from Katipunan and informed me that the area was already flooded (knee high).

I tried calling again at around 8-something and this time, they suspended the classes for the HS.
At 9-something, I was getting ready to leave when I decided to call again. Still no word on whether classes in the college were cancelled.

Stepping out of our building, I saw that our street was flooded (and I live in a high part of town) -- so I decided to call Ateneo again (through my cellphone) -- this time (it was already 930), they had finally decided to cancel classes for the college.

We still had the drop my youngest bro off in Katipunan because he had stuff to do. Like the last time it rained hard, the area near National Bookstore was flooded. I felt sorry for the students huddled together under one umbrella, trying to keep dry and worrying about how they were going to get home.

We really need to improve this system of cancelling classes. Resources are being wasted because of indecision and hesitation.

* * *

One more than four --

Happy 5, dear. I love you.

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