Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No --

Realized that people might think that I've given birth already since I haven't blogged in almost a week. I haven't yet.

Based on today's visit with the OB-Gyn, it's not going to be this week. ^_^

Starting this week, it's a series of the same tedious tests just to monitor that the kid is okay. I had a very interesting experience in the labor room having a Nonstress Test done (I'm hooked up to a fetal monitor and they check the baby's heart rate.) -- a very pregnant lady was wheeled in and she was in labor. In order for the residents to conduct the NST on me, they had to ring a bell. I could just imagine how annoying that sound was to the laboring lady. I requested for them to stop so she could proceed with her labor in peace.

* * *

Lookie what my hunny gave me! --

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(Image "borrowed" from Amazon.com)

I've been waiting for this book to come to paperback for a really long time. When I saw that Amazon had it already, I was praying that our local bookstores would get it soon.

I asked Johann to check Fully Booked and Powerbooks for this and he didn't say that they had it already. Instead, he surprised me with it when he returned to Iloilo last Friday.

Glee! ^_^


Anonymous said...

I hope it's a cancerian^_^

-cpkk(miss you guys!!!)

Laika said...

wheee *excited* X3 pictures agad ha XD

tho i dont think i even have to tell you that *koffcamerawhorekoff*

Tarie said...

I saw the paperback editions in Fully Booked Gateway and thought of you. =) See? It was worth waiting for!