Friday, June 30, 2006

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Tomorrow, Seth turns two weeks old and we are celebrating the milestone by bringing him to his pediatrician for a BCG vaccination. We have heard horror stories about wailing babies and fevers and crankiness post-vaccinations so we have mentally and physically prepared ourselves for such a possibility.

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Token entry on parenting insecurity --

I am slowly learning motherhood --

I've always had a fairly high learning curve and am able to cope well with most situations but this one is different. The subject is unpredictable and fragile as hell.

There are moments when my son cries and I can't soothe him -- I have to hand him off to Johann who can soothe him easily. And I wonder whether that is indication of what kind of parent I am.

I see Seth with his yaya (an AMAZING yaya, btw) and I feel like I've already failed because I can't handle my son on my own.

One evening, after putting Seth to sleep, Johann and I talked about how much we admire Seth's yaya and how calm she is and how capable...

...and how tempting it is to just hand him off to her every time he cries or needs to be changed. (We don't, btw -- we try to be as hands-on as possible and take care of him most of the time.)

When does parenting begin? And are my actions and decisions now affecting how Seth will be in the future?

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