Sunday, November 19, 2006

Finally! --

We watched The Prestige last Friday and I thought it was amazing! I was a bit confused with the beginning of the movie as I was trying to reconcile it with the book. Christopher Nolan did a great job "editing" Christopher Priest's work and it remained faithful to the spirit of the novel.

Michael Caine was amazing as always. (I kinda felt that Scarlett Johansson was miscast but Johann disagrees with me on this.)

* * *

Obsession! --

I am currently obsessed with Korean food -- Bibimbap, bulgogi and cucumber "kimchi" -- we've even made our own bibimbap. (Which was yummy!)

There's a lovely place here in Iloilo that serves really amazing Korean Food -- it's called Rendezvous. There's no effort at making the place look pretty -- it's pretty much white walls, and tables and chairs. But the food is AMAZING! (And our Korean friends tell is that this is as close to authentic as it gets.)

I'm also looking for good coffee. We have Blue Jay in Iloilo and they have really great coffee drinks. The last one I tried was a bit bleh though because it was a bit heavy on the liquer. =P Johann loved his Swiss Avalanche so I might order that next time.

* * *

Procrastinating --

I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet. I really should start, especially since all but one of my inaanak don't live in Iloilo (so I have to send out their gifts to them).

I haven't shopped for Johann or my siblings yet, although I know what to get everyone.

I have all of my Christmas cards ready but I haven't written on them yet. I should get this done so I can mail them out by the end of the month.

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Nikka said...

Ooh, I love Korean food to! My students have a restaurant here in Subic and whenever we go, we get loads of free stuff.

Hmm, maybe I'll go tonight ;).