Friday, November 03, 2006

Finding my groove --

Today we interviewed a potential new yaya for Seth and when I was describing what was expected of her, I realized that I was hesitant to let go of some of the Seth "duties" -- the new yaya will handle Seth for about an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon and I'll be taking care of Seth the rest of the time.

I've gotten used to being a full-time mom and I'm quite lucky to have a very good support team of Johann, my sister, my parents and the maids.

Plus, Seth is a very easy baby to take care of and such a joy! A few days ago, his sleeping sked shifted a bit because he didn't take his 4pm nap so he slept early for the evening, which meant that he would be up at around 1am. Difficult as it was waking up, just seeing his cute, cute face in the shadows made me smile. ^_^

Even Johann realizes that he doesn't mind so much waking up in the odd hours of the morning.

Lookie at what I've accomplished this afternoon. ^_^ (Thanks to my sister and Johann for keeping Seth entertained when I was cleaning out the Gocco.)

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I did a hundred invites in about an hour and we decided to stamp the envelope flap as well. ^_^

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