Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm small! -- tall men I'm a midget, and to short men I'm a giant; to the skinny ones I'm a fat man, and to the fat ones I'm a thin man.
- The Phantom TollBooth

I've always been amused by how my body was made --

I've always hovered between a size 10 to size 14 (and I wish I could go down a size or two.)

My eyes are too big and my mouth is too big. When I would have my makeup done, the makeup artist would always do the "minimizing trick" on my lips.

And, my feet are big too. Especially now -- my feet grew a bit with each pregnancy and now I'm in-between sizes so it's very hard for me to buy shoes.

I'm big where I should be small ...
And I'm small where I should be big!

Drawing blood has always been a major chore -- I have very small, very thin veins. The lab techs usually have to call their "seniors" to extract my blood. This last OGTT, they had to get blood 5 times from the same arm (my left arm) because they couldn't find veins thick enough to poke with an injection on my right arm. (There have been times when even the senior lab techs had to draw the blood from my hand because the veins there are thicker.)

I also have a small cervix -- which is why I had to deliver Seth via CS because his head wouldn't fit!

I also have small teeth, which explains the gap between my two front teeth. All of my siblings dreaded getting their wisdom teeth because those would crowd their existing teeth (they all had their wisdom teeth pulled out). In my case, the dentist was actually praying that they would come out big so that they could push my teeth and close the gap. (My wisdom teeth are small-ish and no such pushing occurred.)

I also have small ears!

I recently renewed my passport and had such a hard time getting the photo part right. The new passport requirement is that both ears should be visible. I had tucked my hair behind my ears and smoothed my hair down by clipping it (at the back so that it wouldn't be visible in the picture). The photographer tried several times and my ears just wouldn't show!

As a last resort, she rolled several strips of paper and tucked those on my ear so they would stick out a little.

And that's how I got my passport photo taken. ^_^

(My blog entry about The Phantom Tollbooth)

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