Saturday, May 30, 2009

So, I kinda won the lotto (NOT the grand prize) --

I did get 3 of the 6 numbers, which means I won ... 100 pesos!

<-- look at set B of my lotto ticket

I know it's such a small amount but I'm thrilled that I finally got some of the numbers correct. (Considering it's 49 numbers. The odds are astounding!)

Sayang nga e
-- I could've gotten 4 numbers right if I had chosen 28 instead of 27. ^_^

* * *

It's all in the packaging --

Been meaning to post this for a while now -- but Johann and I stumbled upon an interesting bag of chips a few months back.


It was actually the flavor that caught my eye and it was only later that we discovered that it was locally made by Oishi.

It's the same size as Kettle Chips and only slightly smaller than the Lays/Ruffles chips but it was way, way cheaper. (I think it was about 50 pesos for the bag.)

While in line to check out, the woman behind me asked me where I got the bag. (The packaging is very eye-catching.) And I told her where we found it but warned her that it seemed to be the only bag left.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to taste it -- by the time we decided to open the bag, Anya was around and I was breastfeeding. (I was worried that the wasabi might find its way into my milk and annoy the little one.)

Johann thought it was good -- but not something one person can eat alone.

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