Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Thought #2 -- TV Ads

The better title would have been "John Lloyd Cruz" because this is about him.

I really like the Greenwich Overloaded pizza series of commercials. They're clever without being too clever and they're cute without being too cute.

And they're memorable.

And they make you want to order a Greenwich pizza right then and there.

I especially enjoy the Extreme Cheese Overload commercials. Whoever wrote the copy for those ads is a genius. IMHO.

My favorite:
JLC: Hindi tayo tao. Hindi tayo hayop.
BA: Ano tayo?
JLC: Bagay tayo. Bagay na bagay.

Still makes me laugh. =^_^=

(And Seth loves the "Eeeee~ Sobrang cheesy!")

On the other hand, I'm not sure his endorsement of Purefoods hotdogs was a step in the same (read: right) direction.

It's a well-made ad, but I don't know what he contributes to it. (Except his name and his face.) I'm not sure that's his target audience either.

But that's just me. ;-)

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