Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why I love Bookmooch --

I've been a member of Bookmooch since October 2007 and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

I was able to mooch really amazing books (like some Judith Tarr books for my sister and 2 David Hartwell anthologies in HARDCOVER format) and was able to give away some books that people have been looking for.

I've sent books to as far away as Iran and Zambia (through the local post office -- Philpost And they didn't get lost!) and received books from France, Australia, etc.

The package is part of the fun -- I love getting the stamps and looking at the postmarks from different countries. ^_^

Most recently, I received a mooch from New Caledonia.



I'll probably never get to travel to New Caledonia (or many of the countries I've sent books to and received books from) -- but it makes me smile thinking that someone is reading my book in those countries (Iran and Zambia) and I have a little something of New Caledonia right here in the little, quiet city of Iloilo. ^_^

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Kate said...

I love bookmooch too! I'm a "newbie" but I think I'll be mooching and giving for quite a while. At the moment I only send by books within my country (USA) because I'm rather short on cash, but I'd love to send them overseas when I have more money! I am to recieve books from Canada and England soon, which is exciting for me! And have recieved four books already, all which are in good condition. Yay for bookmooch!