Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday lunch: Nigella's Chicken and Chorizo --

Nigella cooked this in one of her shows and I was intrigued by the dish. It seemed simple enough and I liked that it was a one-pot (pan) dish.

I bought all the ingredients when I did the grocery for the week and I asked our cook to prepare it for lunch today.


We used 2 kinds of "chorizo" (longganisa) -- a local one by Jester's and the Virginia Cebu longganisa.


We followed Nigella's instructions and cooked it for 1 hour. (We did tweak it a bit: We didn't squeeze in the juice of 1 orange and we pre-boiled our chicken before baking them. Plus, we didn't have enough red onions so we added some white onions.)

The whole thing looked so amazing! My sister and I were very excited to dig in.


The chicken was so tender and the potatoes were yummy -- a bit of crunch and char and then mush.


I love how the chorizo colored the chicken and everything else.

I could just imagine this recipe using Alaminos longganisa. That would probably taste amazing. ^_^

Nigella's Spanish Chicken with Chorizo and Potatoes

What I remember from the show is that Nigella had leftovers and she used the leftovers for a quesadilla -- she shredded the chicken and chopped up the chorizo and mushed up the potatoes and added some cheese.

(Our cook was so pleased with this recipe also. Not a lot of prep and very easy to remember.)

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