Friday, July 08, 2011

I'm ready for rain! --

The tipping point was last Wednesday, I was bringing Seth to school and it was raining buckets.  I was wearing Crocs, which I thought would be fine --

And they were.  They hold up fairly nicely being sploshed around in muddy, puddly places --

But my feet were not fine.  They were wet and cold and icky --

I went ahead and ordered a pair of Plueys from and they arrived today.  (I got a pair of the Origami Me.)

I have to say I love how to look on my feet --

I'm not looking forward to another heavy rain day but I am excited to test drive these --

Then I might get a pair for Seth ... and maybe a pair for Anya ...

And my sister just saw them and now wants a pair for herself.

Thanks to Esel and her team at for facilitating my order!

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