Thursday, July 14, 2011

New adventure: Sewing --

After years of waffling, I finally took the plunge --

I just paid for my sewing machine and am counting the days until I get it (5 or 6 days) --

This is the machine I got --

It's the Singer Talent 3323 -- and I ordered mine locally through Singer Philippines.

It's not a computerized sewing machine and is just a notch up from the old-school "de padyak" (treadle) -- mine is motorized and is controlled by a foot pedal.  (My sister and my husband are worried about this because I tend to hyperfocus and can't do two things at the same time.  This is why I can't drive because I can't work the wheel and step on the pedal effectively.)

I actually had the option to get a cheaper one here in Iloilo -- an Acme JH600 -- but I wanted the extra comfort of an "auto needle threading" -- plus I didn't like the idea of having to switch discs (cams) to switch stitches.

I already have a first (and probably only project) lined up -- a fabric book cover for my romance novels.  ^_^

Really excited how this little adventure will go -- and how long I'll be on it.

Big, big thanks to C (my kumare) who has listened to me waffle about a sewing machine for x number of years now --

And to my sister for buying the machine for me.  (It's her advanced Christmas 2011 + Birthday 2012 + Christmas 2012 ... present for me.)

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Anonymous said...

how much does your sewing machine costs in Php? plus the freight? i want a Brother sewing machine but just dont know where to buy...