Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today --

We went mad at the National Bookstore sale --

Kids found a nice Handy Manny book at 50% off.  They also picked up a pack of DC Kids comics for 100 pesos.

This was Johann's find of the day -- for 99 pesos!

And we found a copy of this book for 100 pesos!

* * *

Also today --

Our driver discovered that we the back of Johann's car got "kissed" -- it might have happened this morning while the car was parked at SM.  Whoever did it didn't even bother to leave a note ...

* * *

And also today --

We made French Apple Cake.

This is actually our second time to make this -- but I wasn't happy with the first time.  (It tasted great but it was messy.)

It's actually very easy to make -- the tricky (and messy) part is making the caramel -- and making sure the apple slices are uniform.

We actually made a mistake and started to fan from the center.

It was cute!  When we turned over the cake, our cook actually went "wow" when she saw how pretty the top was.

Recipe here.

We actually experimented and used cake flour for this one.  Will see how it tastes later.

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