Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yesterday --

Was an off day -- I was not zen with the world. At all.

My classes were both "bleh" -- one refused to go along with a really nice discussion on critical thinking (and I had a really great intro to it pa naman ~sigh~) and my other class took the entire first period to find the damned thesis statement in the essay they were assigned to read.

And then, I was planning on making curry (Japanese curry) and had Johann defrost the beef so that when I get home after 430, we could start making it na.

I get home at 5 and the beef is ready, I just had to chop the potatoes and the carrots.

At 520, everything is ready for the searing -- our gas stove refuses to cooperate so I use the electric stove.

At 540, the meat is nicely browned and you could smell the lovely mix of garlic and onions and it was time to put in the water.

I waited for the water to come to a boil and then I lowered it to a simmer (to let the meat tenderize) --

At 600, the meat was still too tough.

At 620, still no go with the damned meat.

At 640, I started to panic because the curry wasn't ready yet. We decided to get pizza.

At 700, the meat was finally showing signs of tenderness.

At 720, I added the curry mix and let it reduce.

I finally had the curry ready at almost 8.

And, yes, I chose the right cut of meat.

The bright side? We have dinner for today ready already.

* * *

Print Gocco info --

It seems that my day with Camy and Elbert has stirred interest in the nifty machine. (Am happy about that and, in truth, that's part of my mission -- to spread Gocco goodness to everyone who is willing to experience it. ^_^)

Q&A time:
1. What is the Print Gocco?
You can read about it here, the Gocco website. This is a pretty good introductory site, which lists applications and whatnot. There's even a listing of dealers in the United States.

The site features an old model of the Gocco, the B6. This model has been replaced by the PG-5. I have a PG-5 and the only difference I can see is color and size of the machine itself.

You can also visit the Australian website (Nehoc) where I purchased my Print Gocco from. I would suggest taking time to explore the website as it has a comprehensive discussion of the many Gocco products out there. It also has videos, which you can view online on how to print with the Gocco.

It was through Nehoc that I discovered the Singaporean retailer of the Gocco. Potato Farm. And they also sell the Gocco and offer classes. When I was there during the summer, I was planning to meet up with the owner, attend a class and purchase all of my Gocco needs. Unfortunately, the address we followed was their old address and they apparently have a new store location.

For people with relatives there or for people who plan to go to Singapore any time soon -- this is the map to their new location.

2. What can the Gocco do?
A lot of things -- but basically, it's a countertop printing machine. It uses the stamp method (think old presses). You can print on fabric, on CDs, on ceramic tile and on paper -- you just have to have the right ink.

There are higher-end Goccos that can even to CYMK processes. O_o

3. How much does it cost?
The Gocco is a little under 10k, not counting shipping. I think it's worth it, though -- I printed the label of my wedding giveaway with it. I printed my missalette cover with it and I recently printed my thank you card with it.

Of course you can do all these things with a printer and it would come out nicer and more professional. I guess the Gocco would appeal to people who appreciate the handmade look and how organic the whole method is.

4. Where can I get one?
As Elbert pointed out, it's available everywhere else but here. I purchased mine from Nehoc because Australia is closest to us and shipping was cheaper than if I had it brought in from the US.

Anyhoo, here are some places to get it from:
Philippines - c/o Tin
Australia - Nehoc
Singapore - Potato Farm
US - Dick Blick
- Think Ink
- plus you can look at the dealers list on the Gocco homepage
- Ebay

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