Friday, December 16, 2005

Almost done with my Top 5s --

Books for the year:
5. What to Expect When You're Expecting (my bible!)
4. Angels and Insects by AS Byatt
3. Castle Waiting series by Linda Medley
2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince by JK Rowling
1. Brand New Friend by Mike Gayle

Happy Thoughts
5. Mandarin Oriental
4. my work and my students and my friends at work
3. Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong
2. July 23, 2005
1. Still my J (and the little bean along the way ^_^) / my sibs and my parents

Life-Changing Experiences
3. living away from my sister =(
2. the Little Bean (I suspect this will be number 1 next year)
1. Getting married

Promises for 2006
5. watch more movies!
4. adopt a healthier lifestyle
3. read more books
2. be a better teacher
1. finish my MA

* * *

Didn't realize --

How painful it would be to wrap so many presents!

I'm distributing the ones for work today and we're having our annual sibling party on Sunday.

* * *

The Christmas Story --

I'm letting my students read is O Henry's Gift of the Magi -- it's consistent with the authors I've been taking up with them so far.

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