Friday, December 09, 2005

I need to do this --

-- because I am getting forgetful and I have taken to using my phone's calendar/appointment keeper as a reminder of what I need to do on certain days.

December 10 - VtES MCM Party
December 11 - Wedding
December 12 - Lunch with V
December 18 - Una's Binyag (I'm ninang! I'm so excited! ^_^)
December 23 - Iloilo

* * *

Preparing for Christmas --

I'm almost done with gifts for my sibs -- we've already agreed on what we're getting for our parents so we'll just chip in for that.

It's interesting how our tastes change with time and how it's becoming more and more challenging to find the perfect gift for them.

The hardest gift to purchase is my hubby's -- we're together most of the time and it's hard to hide his gift in such a small place.

I have a plan, though and I hope I can pull it off. ^_^

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