Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How well do you know your bands? --

Name the 75 bands this picture represents.

<-- My bro pointed this site out to me. I think Johann will have fun with it because he is more of a music buff than I am.

* * *

Deciding --

Whether I should end the year with Misery (by Anton Chekhov)

or giving my students a nice Christmas-related story.

I don't want my students starting their Christmas holidays with a depressing story like Misery but, if I want to stick to my schedule, I should.

Plus, I don't know which Christmas story to let them read in exhange.

* * *

Reminding myself --

Dinner with the Dans girls on Wednesday.

* * *

Because admission is one of the steps to recovery --

I am addicted to Naruto.

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