Thursday, February 23, 2006

I made this! --

It was my bro's birthday last Tuesday and he asked me to prepare the Tofu Lasagna for his office. I also offered to make a Spinach Artichoke dip for him.

Everything was relatively easy to make and it took us 1 hour of prep and about 30 minutes of baking to make both dishes and they turned out really well. (IMHO *koff*)

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My bro asked us to join him at his office for lunch and I was very happy to see that his officemates liked the lasagna and the dip.

* * *

Oh, and my current favorite --

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I don't like the pregnancy pants being sold in the maternity stores -- the one with the adjustable waist band. I think it works when one is late in their pregnancy but, for someone who is just 23 weeks in, it looks really baggy and bleh.

I found this pair of pants from Yvonne's for under PhP600 and I love it! The waistband is elastic and wide enough to accommodate my growing girth and it looks very sleek pa rin.


* * *

Zaturnnah! --

My sibs and I (with Johann) watched the matinee show last Saturday and had the time of our lives! It is clever and campy and everything else in between.

Eula Valdez was a revelation as ZsaZsa -- and Ricci Chan was perfect as Didi.

After the show, we texted everyone we knew and told them to catch the musical.

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