Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Recipe --

I've been thinking about making lasagna ever since I saw Giada de Laurenti make one on her show Everyday Italian (Lifestyle Network). I also wanted to make something using ricotta cheese.

Today was a light day for the Ongs, so I decided to go to Fresh to pick up ingredients for a lasagna.

I found this recipe on and it looked easy enough so I decided to give it a go.

It's tofu lasagna -- and, yes -- it's meatless.

We did some modifications, though. The recipe calls for all the ingredients for the filling to be mixed. I decided to separate the sauce mix from the tofu-cheese filling. And had one layer of just the tofu-cheese and one layer of the sauce. And I used a canned sauce (Hunt's Garlic and Herb).

This is how it turned out --

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I had extra sauce, so I put it in a bowl and served that as well. My hubby loved it -- he kept asking for another helping. ^_^

A tip for people interested in trying this recipe -- make sure to drain ALL the water from the tofu. It really does make a difference.

Apparently, there's also oven-ready lasagna sheets -- no need to pre-cook the sheets. O_o

* * *

More on cooking --

One of the questions I am asked whenever I bring out my baon during lunch break is whether I was the one who cooked the baon. Most times, the answer is no -- we usually get heatables from DEC or leftover takeout food and bring that to work.

There are times when I do feel like cooking AND cleaning up after myself. During one of those moments, I decided to make Katsucurry, which is really just pork tonkatsu and japanese curry sauce.

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* * *

Pregnancy-Vanity issue --

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and it's still an awkward phase for me -- I no longer fit into my regular clothes, but I'm still too small to actually wear maternity dresses and whatnot.

At work, the news of my pregnancy is slowly making its rounds around our office and I am amused with people's reactions. The most common one I hear, though is this --

"You're pregnant?!? I thought you were just getting fat and I didn't want to say anything."

I don't take offense to it, btw. I guess it's really just an indication of the awkward phase that I'm in.

I have put on some weight -- a requirement for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. That's why I'm glad that we don't have mirrors in my house. What I have is my husband's assurance that I am glowing and lovely.

In case people are wondering what I look like -- here.

Vanity prevents me from actually placing the tag here. ^_^

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