Sunday, February 12, 2006

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Love and Sacrifice --

Attended a wedding with my brother last weekend. It was his good/best friend's wedding and he didn't want to go alone. I tagged along because I love attending weddings and looking at dresses and whatnot.

The priest gave a lovely homily that started with a lot of palakpakan, which amused me and my brother.

It was what he said after the nth palakpakan that affected me.

He ended the homily with three words for the couple to remember --


I don't remember what he said about love or commitment. It was what he said about sacrifice that made me go "wow!" --

He said that to love is to endanger yourself.

You step out of a world that you know and you control and you enter into a world that is unfamiliar and new --

The sacrifice in love is to willingly give yourself over to the experiences of loving --

the laughter and tears;
the celebrations and the defeats;
the everything and the nothing.

... wow, di ba? ^_^

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