Monday, March 13, 2006

A follow-up to the previous post --

After that wonderful experience of discussing syllogisms with my class, I decided to give them a quiz (to check how much they've actually understood).

My class looked at the syllogisms on the blackboard and quickly went to work analyzing its validity. Some used the Venn Diagram method and others had an improvised version of it.

The outcome, everyone in my class got an 8 and up. (The perfect score is a 10) And no one groaned or complained when I announced there was a quiz.

* * *

School year's ending! --

It's almost over and I have survived another semester! Hurrah!

I had wonderful classes this semester and I'm proud of myself for rising up to the challenge of making this an interesting semester for ALL of my classes. Normally, I would be complaining about how tedious it is to teach English and how I prefer to teach Lit. This time, however, I'd like to say that my English class has made the whole semester enjoyable.

My only niggle this semester was having to check papers pregnant. No more lying on my tummy in bed checking. I have to sit at the dining table or the coffee table or fashion a table of sorts using pillows on the bed to check. But I have checked ALL the papers and I have NO backlog whatsoever.

Yes, I am smug. ^_^

* * *

On the weather --

I hate it. It's hot and humid and sticky and bleh.

I have made a mental note that, next time I get pregnant, it will be during the rainy months.

* * *

Activities this month --

Lit13 Exam - March 20
Mom's birthday - March 22
Bro's birthday - March 27
Submission of Grades - March 31
Bro's despedida - some time end of March, early April

ALLC teaching stint - TTh until April 21
Childbirth Preparation Seminar - Sundays until April 9

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