Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Plans --

Yesterday, I submitted my final grades online so the only thing I need to do is clear my desk at the department and I would've completed all the requirements for this semester.

My stint at the ALLC ends on April 21 and I really, really want to take on a second module for May -- but my ever-growing girth is slowing me down and this infernal heat is really, really, REALLY getting to me.

April 9 marks the end of the Childbirth Preparation Seminar that we've been attending for the past few Sundays now.

April 13 to 16 is Holy Week and we haven't really made plans yet.

* * *

Remembering --

Had lunch with E yesterday at Ateneo. We ate at the Clubhouse (Manang's -- to the younger batches) and I was telling him my plans.

We talked about how much free time I will have after the baby is born and he said, "Well, the bright side is that you get to write again."

And that's when it struck me -- that I had forgotten that. And I am glad to be reminded of it -- it is something to look forward to. ^_^

* * *

Take 2 --

My Johari window --

Again. ^_^

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