Thursday, March 09, 2006

So that's what THAT looks like --

My class and I have been struggling with syllogisms for the past two weeks. While other teachers have moved on to the next chapter of the lesson, my class and I are still neck deep in major premises, minor premises, conclusions and S, M and P (terms in syllogism).

I admire my class' determination to really understand the lesson and it's been quite a challenge.

Yesterday, we had a breakthrough -- we finally figured it out! After days of listless looking students, you could really see the spark of interest returning to their faces. So many hands were raised in recitation and students were offering ways we could improve our improvised Venn Diagram.

Tomorrow, we test how well we understood everything with an activity and then we move on to Fallacies.

* * *

You know your bro can't help you when --

You ask him if he knows how to plot Venn Diagrams
and he replies, "Why does that sound familiar"

* * *

Silver lining! --

I have, in a cardboard box sitting in our dining table,
the two-disc widescreen special edition of the RENT DVD
the DVD for Mirrormask
and the boxed sets of Seasons 2 to 5 of Gilmore Girls

... just in time for the summer. Whee!

* * *

Sweet thing my hun did --

My hun is a fruit hater -- who especially hates mushy fruits (and vegetables). I have recently developed a liking for avocados and was able to purchase really beautiful avocados from the Dizon's stall in Megamall.

I had forgotten that I had two neighbors (my brothers) who also love avocados so, in an act of SUPREME SACRIFICE, I gave up my perfect avocados so my brothers can enjoy them.

When I came home the next day from work, I saw four perfect avocados waiting for me. Apparently, my hun stopped by SM Makati on his way home from work and was touching/squeezing/weighing avocados to make sure they were nice and he got some for me. ^_^

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