Friday, May 19, 2006

Coldplay in Singapore --

July 10, 8pm

I want to go and so does my hubby!

... but we can't.

* * *

On trying to watch the Da Vinci Code in Iloilo --

We only have 2 decent cinemas in Iloilo -- one of which is SM, which has stood by its ground not to show any movies Rated R-18.

Last Thursday, Johann and I went to Robinson's Place to try to catch the first show of the Da Vinci Code at 1030am. We got in line at around 1015 and was surprised to see that they hadn't started selling tickets yet. 1030 came and went and still no tickets to sell.

At around 1045, someone in line decided to ask the person at the ticket booth what was holding up the line.

Apparently, they only had HALF the reel and they didn't have the permit to show the movie yet.

Johann and I decided to leave -- we should've left a lot earlier. The movie people should've informed the queued people of what was happening instead of letting us line up like that.

We tried again today -- after making sure that they had the entire movie and the permit to show. We caught to 1030 show, which actually started at around 11 -- but we didn't mind.

Next week -- X-Men!

* * *

One more thing --

We now have DSL!!! Hurrah!

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