Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today I learned a lot --

Johann and I woke up REALLY early today to go to the local SSS branch to update his status (from Single to Married) and to get our SSS IDs.

Today I learned that:
- the SSS loves black ink. We had to redo our application forms because we had filled them out using blue ink.
- they have a record of EVERYTHING so you can't lie about not losing your old ID. Apparently, I had a digital ID issued to me last April 27, 2000 but I lost it. I had to go and accomplish an affidavit of loss and pay the PhP150.00 replacement fee before I could get my new ID.
- 2 IDs is key. More is better. So bring an original copy of your birth certificate, your marriage license, etc. etc.

It was a tedious process and I'm glad we went early enough so we were able to finish everything that we needed to do.

So why did we go through the trouble of getting our IDs?
Because SSS benefits are excellent.
- After a minimum of 120 payments, when you hit 60, you get a monthly pension FOR LIFE. (You are guaranteed enough money for groceries and whatnot for as low as PhP282.00/month in SSS remittances.)
- You have maternity, disability and sickness benefits, provided you are vigilant in filing your claims. (I recently calculated my maternity benefit and went "wow!")

For people curious about their SSS status, you can check it online.

* * *

The other thing I learned --

The SSS office is very near the NSO office and, as early as 7, there was a loooooong line at the NSO office. They were people getting their birth certificates and other documents that the NSO keeps.

You can get these documents online as well. You'll have to pay a little bit more for the convenience but, hey -- it beats standing in line for half the day.

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