Thursday, May 11, 2006

Saying goodbye --

Today Johann is saying goodbye to our beloved PC in Manila. When we decided that I was going to come home to Iloilo to give birth, we knew we couldn't take our PC with us so we sold it to a friend and bought parts that I used to build a new PC here in Iloilo.

Our friend is getting the PC today. I'm not there to say goodbye, but I feel the loss of such a trusty companion -- that PC was the very first thing we purchased with our own money and it was a PC built to serve our needs. There were no compromises and shortcuts when that PC was built.

The new PC is actually much better, infinitely faster and has a better graphics card -- but it really is a bittersweet moment having to say goodbye to something that was an integral part of our daily lives.

* * *

I miss DSL --

Didn't realize how much I miss having DSL and how I took for granted such a wonderful service until I had to deal with dial-up.

Something as simple as updating my blog takes a few minutes longer -- having to wait for pages to load. Window shopping on is next to impossible because it takes forever for pictures to load.

I don't even have Y!M yet because it wouldn't download properly (and I can't tie up the phoneline =P)

In the continuing quest for DSL here in Iloilo -- I've made a habit of calling every other day to check on my application. I finally got a breakthrough last Wednesday when I spoke to a person who actually knew her job.

I finally have a service order and installation is pending availability of a line.

Am hoping that we get DSL by the end of the month.

* * *

Funny things you read in the paper --

Saw this on the ad for the movie "Apoy sa Dibdib ng Samar" --

Oo, inaamin ko sila ay mga yakal, lawaan, apitong at narra at kami ay saging lang.
Pero maghanap kayo ng puno sa buong Pilipinas -- Saging lang ang mga puso.

* * *

Sunday is --

Mother's Day. I am quite pleased with what I got for my mom (on behalf of my sibs) -- a pair of capri pants, a nice cotton top and funky wedges to complete the outfit. I didn't break the bank for this outfit, though -- decided to go to SM Department store and bought everything there. ^_^

We were walking around a mall yesterday and she _was_ looking for new clothes.

My dad also asked me to get my mom something (from him) and this one took a lot longer to find. My dad is practical and I don't think he would've appreciated it if I spent his money on something "frivolous" <-- am not quite sure what counts as frivolous for my dad. I finally decided to get a "coin purse" (can actually fit bills) in green Chinese silk -- Green is my mom's favorite color and she needs a wallet that's more accessible. It wasn't so expensive either, so my dad can just buy something else if he doesn't like the idea of giving that to my mom.

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