Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy 3 years --

Just realized that my blog is 3 years old this October. How time flies!

TOday I spend time looking back at previous entries, searching for my annual Christmas Want List because I'm getting ready to make this year's list -- and I find that I still have the same things on my list -- one or two things get added, but they all basically fall under the same categories. ^_^

* * *

More on Changes --

It was my youngest brother who introduced Johann to Mozilla Firefox a year ago and I remember saying that I would never, EVER switch to Firefox.

See me eat my words.

I love Firefox and how user friendly it is. I also like the tabs at the top and how you can "custom" your tabs. I like that it isn't as buggy as IE.

And today my sister tells me she's made the switch as well and she discovered Themes for Firefox. ^_^

* * *

In TV News --

We bought and finished watching Entourage. It's clever and well-written and I love the character of Ari Gold -- definitely a must-watch. ^_^

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