Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Last Two Weeks --

September 24, Sunday
Fetched Seth's (future) ninang Rebecca from the airport and had dinner with her at Emilion -- a Filipino Fusion restaurant here in Iloilo. The grilled marlin was amazing! We ordered "Ham Litson" which sounded intriguing but was nothing more than ham. Just ham. With a sweet glaze.

September 25, Monday
Took Rebecca sightseeing and pasalubong shopping. Lunch at Breakthrough. We had scallops and bangus and lechon. Everything was good! We brought Seth around with us in the afternoon and he really enjoyed cruising around the city.

September 26, Tuesday
Rebecca was taking the afternoon flight out of Iloilo so we hung out in our house and played with Seth. ^_^

>>>>>Flash forward to:
September 30, Saturday
My mother in-law came to town to see her grandson. My parents were out for the weekend for a marriage retreat which they organized for the BCBP so we were left holding down the fort.

October 1, Sunday
Had lunch at Rai Rai Ken -- the cooking that day was amazing! Johann had the Charsiu Pork Ramen and I had the Chicken Teriyaki Don and Mom in-law had Seafood Hotpot Ramen and everything was GOOOOOOD! Yum!

>>>>>>Flash forward to:
Yesterday, October 4
Johann and I finally got to watch Devil Wear Prada. Meryl Streep was amaizing and so flawless. I love her character's composure!

Was also very pleased to discover that The Prestige is showing on November 8. H'ray!

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