Saturday, June 23, 2007

Simple pleasures --

We were intrigued by the Afrique Wasabi Burger because one of Johann's students had been having it for lunch for the past week so we decided to order some last Friday.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It doesn't have the fancy buns that burger places in Manila have, but the patty is pretty amazing.

My concern about burger patties this thick is whether it is fully cooked through and this one is -- I don't know how they did it but the patty was still juicy and very tender (a medium well, which I like) --

It's a wasabi burger but the wasabi taste was subtle -- too subtle for Johann who was hoping for some kick to the burger.

Now if only`they had fries ...

* * *

Buho --

"Buho" is hole in Ilonggo and I first heard about this bakery during a discussion about Pandesal. I asked my dad about it and he remembered going there as a child because it was very near his school.

It's called Buho because it is, literally, that -- a hole in the wall. They pride themselves in always having warm, freshly-baked bread and I haven't found cause to contradict this claim yet. ^_^

My favorite is this --

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It's a mini-Pancho (they spell it Panso at Buho) and costs PhP1.00 each.

We brought some friends to Buho last Thursday and bought PhP50.00 worth of Pancho -- what a haul! By the time we got home, the bread was almost gone.

Buho also sells bigger versions of their breads for PhP3.00 to PhP5.00, depending on what you want but they are most famous for their Piso Pancho and their Piso Pandesal.

I'll take a better picture the next time we get bread from Buho. ^_^

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