Friday, April 04, 2008

Post backlog part 2 --

I turned 30 this year -- it seems like a such an important age, so I decided to make up a list of "Very Important Things To Do" for 2008:

1. Take the MENSA
- I don't think I'm smart enough to pass it but I would like to experience the test within my lifetime.

2. Join a Scrabble Tournament
- At the English Academy where I taught, one of teachers was legend because she actually took time off to travel and join Scrabble tournaments around the world. I don't think I can beat her (I think my sister can beat her) but Scrabble is one of those things that I think I can do very well in.

3. Travel out of Asia
- This one will be difficult/impossible to pull off because I have an almost-2-year old sidekick who will insist on joining us.

For the past decade, I've limited my traveling to Southeast Asia. (Cost is a major factor) But I would like to visit the US again. The last time I was there, I was in high school and I didn't appreciate it as much. Now, I have a plan and a list of places to visit.

I'd also like to go to Europe with Johann. (This one, we are planning to do when we turn 40).

4. Read A BOOK
Not one of the fluffy things that I read but something with more substance and meat. Like Plutarch's Lives ... or something in that vein.

5. Buy a piece of important Art
This desire to own Art has lain dormant within me for the longest time. When I got married and my most favorite professor gifted us with a Fil dela Cruz print from his own collection, the desire sparked --

Now, I want Art. No, I want the money to buy the Art. ^_^

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