Sunday, April 13, 2008

An update --

Johann and I have always been curious about Tina Fey's new show 30 Rock but we never get to catch it on TV. We finally found a copy of season 1 a few weeks back and watched it.

It is an amazing show -- we couldn't stop laughing! Even Seth noticed how much we laugh -- he would laugh along (I don't know if he understands what he is laughing about though. ^_^)

I still haven't finished watching Gossip Girl -- but, from what I've watched so far, it's a really great series. I'm curious about the books --

* * *

Plan your vacations! Almost free tickets--

Philippine Airlines and Asian Spirit have very nice promos --

Asian Spirit is giving away free* tickets to all their domestic destinations. (Baguio in less than an hour) The promo ends on April 15 and travel is from June 15 to October 15.

*You still have to pay for taxes and fuel surcharge.

Starting Monday, for every 1 domestic ticket you buy from PAL, you will get two free ones. Sale period is from April 14 to April 25 and travel is from June 15 to October 15.

* * *

Two new places in Iloilo --

The wife of one of my HS classmates opened a small bakery called Daily Buns. We stopped by early this week to try out some of their bread. The place smells so good! We bought a loaf of whole wheat bread, which was really yummy. They also serve milkshakes and pasta so we are planning to go back there to try them out.

On our way home from Robinson's Place one afternoon, Johann spotted a small cafe along Ledesma Street. It looked like it had just opened and there were a lot of people inside. Yesterday morning, we decided to drop by Coffee House Beanery for our morning coffee fix.

The girl at the counter recommended their Moccachino so I ordered that and Johann tried out their Latte. Both were very good. We ordered a slice of Tiramisu because it looked tempting.


The tiramisu was good -- the cake part was a bit dry but I didn't mind that because the cream filling was really yummy (it was tart and creamy and not-so-sweet).

They also serve lunch and dinner and their prices seem reasonable (I have yet to see their portions) -- Oriental Pork Spareribs for PhP90.00, Callos for PhP110.00, etc.

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Tarie said...

I haven't watched any episodes of Gossip Girl, but I am determined to read the first book. I will let you know what I think about it! If you read it first, let me know what you think! :o)