Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A book project -- 101 Must Read Books

This is inspired by The Big Read and an interesting project that is ongoing at the Romantic Times message boards.

One of P's main criticism of The Big Read list is that it is mostly "White" and my observation is that it is skewed towards two extremes -- classics and fantasy/scifi. (When I was doing the list, I was thinking Johann would probably score better than me.)

At the Romantic Times message boards, readers are trying to come up with a list of 1001 Romance Novels to read before we die --

I wonder what our list of books would look like.

May we embark on our 101 Must Read Books? (I don't think I know 1001 people ^_^)

I've based the rules on the one at the RT message board:
1) No posting copies of lists or links from other sites. This should be your own opinion.

2) Each person can post up to FIVE book suggestions at a time. Include: Title, Author and Genre

You can also let folks know why this book should be included.

4) Only suggest books that have NOT already made the thread. Read the thread, pay attention, and add a NEW book that you don't see already listed.

5) You can always come back and add more after someone else adds one. ^_^

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