Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today I made things --

I was inspired by my cousin's banana-chocolate chip treat that I decided to make something similar --

This morning, I made banana pancakes with chocolate chips. (Yay, me!) I just got a pack of pancake mix, mashed up some bananas and mixed the two together. (For those who want to follow this, a caveat -- the amount of water you use for the pancake changes. The original recipe called for 3/4 cups of water and I only used about 1/2)

I made two batches -- a plain banana pancake and one loaded with chocolate chips!

I couldn't really taste the bananas, though -- but I'm glad that Johann ate some. (Only way I could get fruit into his system)

After breakfast, I took out my Gocco and made this:


Yes, it's a business card.
Yes, it's mine.
Yes, I sell romance novels on Ebay Philippines. ^_^

<-- I'm glad I found these images! The two ladies really make the whole thing work! ^_^

Found them here. Lengthier account of the project found in my other blog.

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