Friday, July 25, 2008

Tin's Trip To Guam part one --

I've been meaning to blog about my recent trip to Guam with my sister but I didn't quite know how to organize my thoughts -- for starters, we were only in Guam for 2 full days and we didn't have much sleep on one of those days.

My sister and I decided to take direct flights both ways -- so, on July 5, we boarded a plane from Iloilo to Manila and then transferred over to the international terminal to wait for our flight to Guam.

We decided to book PAL's package (vs Continental Airlines) because it was cheaper (but there are pros and cons) and because I like the terminal where PAL flies out of.

Tip #1: Take PAL even for the domestic next time... even if it costs a bit more than Air Philippines or Cebu Pacific. I don't know how PAL does it, but you never seem to have to wait long for your connecting flight to anywhere. We took Air Philippines and had to wait a long time in between our flights.

Tip #2: If you know you are going to sleep through the flight, ask for the window seat. The flight wasn't long so we knew we didn't have to go to the bathroom very often so we asked for the window and middle seat. We got to sleep undisturbed. ^_^ The aisle seat does give you more legroom but, if you have a seatmate you gets up numerous times, it's a hassle. We made the mistake of asking for aisle seats (across from each other <-- another mistake) on our flight back and had the misfortune of being seated beside two of the most restless and noisy people in the universe.

<-- our meal going to Guam. It's supposed to be Sweet and Sour Pork (but looks more like braised/stewed pork). It was delicious, though. Dessert was Magnolia Ube ice cream and a small Toblerone.

We arrived in Guam at 3am (1-ish our time. Guam is +2 to the Philippines) and were picked up by our hotel's van service. Check-in was a breeze -- we didn't have to do the standard show passport, check credit card, sign here/sign there bit. We headed to our room and slept.

Tip #3: Stay at the Fiesta Resort Guam.
It's a 4.5-star hotel with amazing service and great food.

We set our alarms to wake us before the breakfast buffet ended. It was an amusing spread -- yes, amusing. I've never seen fried chicken served during a breakfast before. ^_^ And we also had pasta with meatballs.



Majority of the visitors to Guam are Koreans and Japanese so the buffet reflects that -- there was always kimchi and rice porridge and seaweed and stuff.

The chicken was amazing! It was crunchy and crisp and had a hint of spiciness to it. I was so tempted to get some kimchi and rice and have that for breakfast. (But we couldn't find the rice! We later discovered that one of the covered pots -- of which there were 4 total was the steamed rice. The others were different kinds of rice porridge.)

After breakfast, we took in some sun and walked around the beach. (Fiesta Resort Guam is a beachfront resort/hotel.)



We rested a bit after breakfast and went to K-Mart.

Guam is said to have the biggest K-Mart in the world. We spent about 4 hours just walking around and we only got to see half before we got tired. They have a Little Caesar's resto inside K-Mart and that's where my sister and I sat down for a much-needed recharge.

The book selection there was a bit disappointing. I was really hoping to bring home books for Johann and for myself.

<-- that's it.

After the recharge, we walked back to our hotel. (We walked bothways and were *ahem* sunkissed after doing so.)

Later that day, we decided to search for the Lesportsac store(s) in Guam. We were also looking for cheap pasalubong for our helpers and drivers. We found two Lesportsac stores and one of them was on sale! So I was able to get a reversible tote at 30% off. I paid full price for my classic hobo. (I think my sister has caught the Lesportsac bug because she now "owns" my other bag. She wanted to get another one for herself but couldn't decide on a print.)

We walked the entire length of Pale San Vitores Road (which is like Orchard in Singapore). Dinner was Mcdonald's. (At this point, when I texted Johann about where we were, he texted back: Don't eat fast food!)

I tried their Chicken sandwich (which you can have either grilled or crisp/fried). I had mine fried. Hahaha!


It was yummy! ^_^ My sister had nuggets and they had very interesting dip choices. Since we weren't feeling adventurous, we ended up getting barbecue and honey and mustard.

Day 1 ended with us checking off most of the things on our "Buy list" -- the most important of all was Seth's potty. (I will write about this in my other blog. ^_^)

... to be continued

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