Monday, July 28, 2008

My cousin bakes --

My mom and brother came home yesterday with two red boxes of goodies which my cousin Mark baked. (He's the eldest son of one of my mom's younger sisters.)

He gave us a box of Banana Mini Morsel Bars, which were addicting (Johann and I couldn't stop eating them) and an assortment of muffins.

It's a family affair -- he bakes and his sister takes pictures of the baked goods. ^_^ They do it all with a hand mixer and a very old oven. (My sister said it was a wedding gift to my cousin's mom. I'd have to check on this first.)

When you see my cousins' end product, you know it's homebaked -- which I like. The mini morsel bars had a rustic appeal (not perfectly cut or portioned) -- and you can tell that he really poured his heart (and a bag full of chocolate chips) into the recipe.

Yay, Mark! ^_^

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