Monday, January 26, 2009

Booksale Haul! --

It's been a while since I last dropped by Booksale -- it's hard to go there during the weekends because it's usually crowded and we have Seth with us.

This morning, I had to meet someone there for an Ebay transaction and I decided to spend a bit of time browsing through the books and magazines.

These are what I came home with:

Johann loves to pick up old issues of MacLife because of all the nice tips on how we could maximize our Macbook and his phone. These days, even my sister (who used to be a die-hard PC person) reads it and loves all the gadgets that they feature.

I was also happy to find a copy of Real Simple -- love, love, love this magazine. ^_^

I picked up the copy of Locus Magazine because it's supposed to contain a "Year in Review" for Sci-fi and Fantasy novels, which Johann and my sister read. (My sister already read the magazine and said it was dangerous because now her list of wants has grown longer.)

I also got this book on a whim:

I'm happy that I have another non-romance novel to read. ^_^

* * *

I am a proud Mama --

I'm a relatively new Mac convert but I can safely say "Apple Forever!" -- (Johann echoes this sentiment) --

I want Seth to grow up with a Mac -- and he's off to a good start. He already knows how to unlock his Papa's phone and scroll through all the Apps. (Johann has installed a fun App for Seth and it proves useful when we're waiting at the doctor's and Seth is super restless.)

He knows the Apple logo and he knows where the volume controls are (and the power button). <-- the last two are meant to annoy us.

Yesterday, I caught him fiddling with the Mac and I told him I'll be taking some pictures of him.



<-- this button makes things loud, which annoys Mama and wakes Papa up

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julochka said...

super cute! and you can never start them too young on a mac! good going!!