Thursday, January 08, 2009

Starting the year right --

When I was doing my year-end lists, I was a bit appalled by my list of Top 5 books. It took me quite some time to remember the non-romance books that I read in 2008.

Just so I don't have the same problem at the end of 2009, I've been spending the first few days of 2009 reading.

So far, I've finished:
1. Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture by Juliet Schor <-- I've seen this book many times at the bookstore but never bought it because it was hardcover and too expensive. It went on sale recently and I asked Johann to get me the copy. Very interesting read --

2. The Gospel of Judas edited by Rodolphe Kasser, Marvin Meyer and Gregor Wurst <-- saw the documentary on National Geographic and was curious

3. The Luxe by Anna Godbersen <-- a YA novel. This was referenced in one review of Gossip Girl and was curious about it. I was able to find a cheap copy and couldn't put it down. Had to sleep late for 2 nights straight. ^_^

It's a series and book 2 (Rumors) is currently available in hardcover format (saw this at National Bookstore Katipunan the last time I was there) and the paperback edition will be released late January.

I'm also tempted to reread Nigella Lawson's cookbooks but I haven't yet -- considering that my sugar/diet is being strictly monitored, I'm not sure it's a good idea. ^_^

* * *

On packing bags for my hubby --

My hun cannot fold clothes or pack a luggage to save his life. If I let him have his way, all of his clothes would end up wrinkled and the space wouldn't be maximized. So I pack for him.

He needs one of these:

He left for Manila today. Last Monday, I asked him whether he planned to (a) check-in his bags. He answered no, he didn't want the hassle of waiting for his small bag to roll around in the luggage carousel.

Then he went over to our cabinet and looked at the clothes that had just come back from the laundry.

This is how geeky he is -- he told me, "Hun, pack my superhero shirts." O_o


He also has this shirt, btw:

* * *

Which one is the video camera?


Me, Johann and my youngest brother chipped in and gave one to my sister for Christmas. It's a nifty little thing that can actually record 60 minutes of video! And you can connect it to your Mac via the USB. ^_^


We first heard about it in MacLife where it was reviewed. It was also reviewed in Real Simple. It comes in many colors and is actually quite affordable. ^_^

More info here.

* * *

Oh, yes, we also got Pocky --


When we saw the Giant Pocky in the box my bro sent from Japan, I went "Whoa" -- and then worried about how Seth was going to eat it. (He hasn't yet -- and we might not let him.)



To date, Seth has already consumed the Milk Pocky and has started on the small chocolate Pocky. He is so cute when he asks "Open Pocky Please." >_<

I'm seriously thinking of starting a Pocky of the Month Club -- sending out a Pocky flavor every month to everyone who subscribes to it.

Insane idea, I know. ^_^

* * *

This also came with the Pocky --

Another laugh-out-loud moment was unearthing these two from the box my brother sent.

<-- it's the Mugen Puchi Puchi (INFINITE Bubblewrap!!!) <-- there's a Wii version, btw.

And the other one is the Mugen Periperi. (INFINITE box/letter opening experience!!!)

We're giving these as gifts to two unsuspecting (poor them) friends. ^_^

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