Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post for the year! --

Happy Thoughts for the Year
1. Seth and Sidekick #2
2. My little romance novel business =^_^=
3. My Macbook
4. 1030 to 12nn from Mondays to Fridays <-- when Seth's at his Toddler class. This is my time for myself.
5. My family

Things I'm Looking Forward to
1. Turning 31<-- it sounds like a good age to be
2. Meeting Sidekick #2 in April
3. Watchmen the Movie <-- ohpleaseohpleaseohplease ...
4. Seth's 3rd Birthday <-- we didn't celebrate his 2nd but I'm thinking of celebrating his 3rd
5. Being able to drink coffee again after April (and, hopefully, going to Singapore before December 2009) ^_^

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