Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And more lists --

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me
1. I love office supplies <-- I like to make sure we are prepared for everything. Every chance I get, I buy extra ballpens, scissors, paper clips, etc. When I travel, I make it a point to visit office supplies stores in other countries. I usually end up buying blank index cards (for Gocco), notebooks, interesting ballpens, etc.

This Christmas, one of our Christmas gift ideas was giving Dymo Labelling Kits to the 'tweens but Johann vetoed it -- saying, "Hun, not everyone shares your love for office supplies."

2. I get excited trying out new bath products. <-- new shampoo, new conditioner ... but not so much on new toothpaste flavors. We recently tried the Apple-flavored toothpaste of Colgate and Johann loved it. I kinda grew into it but I'm still not a big fan. O_O

3. Every year, on my birthday (for three years now), I get a Hayao Miyazaki/Ghibli DVD. The Cat's Return in 2005, Howl's Moving Castle in 2006 and Ged's War Chronicles in 2007. This year, I was thinking of what to ask my brother for my birthday and Ponyo on the Cliff came to mind. Too bad it isn't scheduled for release yet. ^_^

4. My two favorite bread spread mixes: Butter + Strawberry Jam, especially on white bread and Peanut Butter + Nutella

5. My three favorite ice cream flavors are: Sebastian's Chocoholics Anonymous, FIC's Raspberry Rapture and Selecta's Coffee Crumble.

5 Things I miss in Manila

1. Friends T_T
2. Walking around Ateneo <-- especially now that I'm pregnant, I miss being able to "exercise"
3. Good decaf coffee <-- I miss coffee...
4. Dairy Queen and Cinnabon
5. Riding the LRT2 to Gateway <-- Although, I have a feeling that I won't like it so much when I'm actually faced with the opportunity -- it's the idea of it more than anything

5 Things that made me go "WOW"

1. Barack Obama winning the US Presidential elections
2. The ups and downs of the Peso-to-Dollar exchange rate <-- also the stock market
3. My first taste of Galbi
4. Opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics <-- especially the fireworks and the drums. Some parts were a bit slow and boring.
5. My Macbook =^_^=

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julochka said...

i love office supplies too. :-) and bath products, especially from lush.

and the things i miss about manila:
1. mani/pedi at dashing divas.
2. all the great restaurants in greenbelt.
3. the sizzling tofu at sentro.
4. seeing the christmas tree at the Pen.
5. my sweet, kind, funny friends!

happy new year to you!