Saturday, December 27, 2008

Still more lists --

5 Discoveries for 2008 --
1. There's no such thing as an A Cup when you're pregnant
2. One of my dad's friend's mom cooks the most amazing Chinese-style roast beef
3. Dave's Fun House is fun for Seth (he plays there) and fun for me (some "me" time to shop and do my errands)
4. Pretzels at Tinapayan, when freshly cooked, is an amazing salty-soft treat
5. I love Macs and Apple and everything Steve Jobs

5 Favorite Places - Iloilo
1. Booksale
2. Bourbon Street <-- ribs, yum!
3. Kim's Bob <-- samgyupsal, bibimbap, yum!
4. SM Department Store <-- you'd be surprised of all the great, inexpensive things you'd find there
5. Puerto Real Clubhouse <-- Seth loves to wade in the pool and walk around the covered basketball court

5 Favorite Places - Manila

1. Krispy Kreme <-- funny enough, I don't eat Krispy Kreme when I'm in Manila. We usually buy a box or two and bring it home to Iloilo and eat it there
2. Pepper Steak <-- A and G convinced me it was a good idea and I have been converted
3. The two bookstalls at UP AS Walk
4. Trinoma <-- Powerbooks, Iora, Debenhams, Gymboree, Healthy Options ... all happy places
5. Starbucks/Seattle's Best <-- when Seth napped, Johann and I would "sneak out" and have coffee and enjoy each other's company ^_^

... to be continued tomorrow. ^_^

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