Thursday, December 25, 2008

Time for the lists! --

Well, Christmas is done and we're counting down to 2009 --

5 Things I Love About Living in the Philippines
1. Cheap, overnight, trackable delivery
<-- I love 2go and Air21 and their amazingly efficient service. We sent a gift to our inaanak in Benguet and he received it the next day. Talk about fast. It's too bad our government-run Post Office can't offer the same service.

2. Cheap books from both US and UK publishers
<-- Yesterday, for example, Johann found this AMAZING anthology of Steampunk Fiction published by Solaris. Cover price is GBP7.99 and we got our copy for 345 pesos.

3. Access to anime, Korean/Japanese TV Drama, US Sitcoms, British movies, etc.

4. The Food
<-- Lechon, Sans Rival, Taho ... I can go on and on ^_^

5. SSS and PhilHealth
<-- I'm a big fan of these two government institutions. I've experienced the benefits of paying my monthly dues to SSS and Philhealth. They should promote themselves more, though -- it makes me sad to know that some people don't bother to avail of these.

I also like the NSO and their e-service. Imagine being able to get your birth certificate and your marriage certificate with a click of a mouse button. (And a quick trip to the bank. ^_^)

6. Cheap airfare
<-- With PAL offering Econolite fares, domestic and international trips are now more affordable. ^_^

5 Best Purchases for 2008
1. Our White Macbook plus the RAM upgrade
<-- the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship. Next on my list is an Apple desktop.

2. My son's "Nano House"

3. Our second-hand Samsung refrigerator
<-- Early this year, we heard about a Korean student having a "sayonara sale" and was selling his appliances cheaply. We were able to guy his 4-month old refrigerator for half the price.

We have about 3 cakes in the ref right now and we appreciate the extra space. ^_^

4. Johann's phone

5. My Lesportsac bags

5 Favorite Movies of the Year
1. The Dark Knight
2. Iron Man
3. Wall-E
4. Juno
5. Kung Fu Panda

also Atonement, Wanted and Tropic Thunder (Downey deserves the Golden Globe nomination ^_^)

... more tomorrow ^_^

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